My life with Baby

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Baby Fires a Cannon

Baby got in the spirit at a Civil War re-enactment in Mullica Hill, NJ.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

At Home with Baby

More photos of Baby's new home. Cat nip grows next to a miniature palm, which Baby hopes will grow into a full size palm tree one day. Hovering above the palm is Joseph's Roman Shade, which he constructed before work this morning at 6 a.m.

In the kitchen, a dishwasher gladly scrubs the many dishes Baby uses throughout the day--from his oatmeal bowl to his salmon plate to his vodka shotglass. The feet of his new roommate, Clare, peek from under the dishwasher door. When Baby's two housemates don't empty the dishwasher in the morning, he gives them a reproving scowl.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Baby Gets a Huge Couch

"Witness the Cadillac," says Baby, pointing to the new Jennifer Convertible couch. Perched in the middle of the room, the new piece of furniture dwarfes everything in sight. The adjacent entertainment center and bookshelves look like doll furniture in comparison.

Baby has used the comfortable cushion to continue his sewing projects. He's now lacing string through a roman shade, which will be hooked up to a pulley system and mounted under the window to block the view of the neighboring parking lot.

Also, in the spirit of Halloween, Baby has been spooking up the room with ghosts and pumpkins.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Baby Moves to Midtown

After a two-year stint in Chelsea, Baby packed his self-portraits and moved to Hell's Kitchen. Leaving a tight studio for an expansive two-bedroom, he has worked diligently to fill the home with elegant, tasteful decor. After joining an online curtain-making club, he designed and constructed chocolate-colored roman shades for the bedroom and living room. He also selected a beige Jennifer Convertible sofabed to fill his first-ever living room in NYC. "We overshot on the Jennifer," remarked Baby. "It's like a Cadillac in a small garage." (pics to come)

While the exposed brick in the master bedroom "seems a little to 1990," he has transformed the space with decadent silk lampshades, low lighting and canvas-colored wall paint (pictured above and right).