My life with Baby

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Jalapeno Baby

Baby took a gamble and painted his kitchen "jalapeno pepper" (Benjamin Moore) this weekend. His partner, Herman, was doubtful of the compatibility between the apartment's Louis XVI theme and the new Chipotle hues, but in the end the provincial Russu-Itiliano china positively popped against the rich, warm color. Baby stands triumphant with his color selection (above) and is now looking for taupes to finish his family room. Stay tuned for more expressions of his interior flair.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

German Air Purifier

Baby placed an important call today in the name of clean breathing air and hydrated skin. "We are the proud new owners of the Venta Air washer," he exclaimed after making the call. "It’s the top European air washer - made in Germany*, so you know it will last."

The charcoal grey appliance comes with fragrance packets that add scent to the clean air. Baby was also attracted by the 10-year warranty: "The Venta will allow us to breath better and have proper humidity levels all year round."

**The purifier's country of origin does not indicate that the appliance will treat Baby's German boyfriend, however, whom Baby often claims to be full of hot air.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Brunch Baby

Baby and visiting gal-pal Suzie enjoyed a brunch of Moroccan omlettes and strawberry waffles at Marseille in Hell's Kitchen. Attempting to order en Francais, Baby snapped his fingers, barked "Garcon!" and slowly repeated the only other French word he knew, "existentialism." Bewildered, the waiter asked him to clarify. Rather than revert to English, Baby switched to the universal language of mime. In deference to the late Marcel Marceau, he acted out the breakfast order with astonishing dynamism - including a silent re-enactment of a chicken laying an egg.