My life with Baby

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Strange Bedfellows

After a raucous Friday night, Baby woke up with a stranger in his bed. The furry companion was even using Herman's "Peanuts" pillow. Baby was startled by the surprise, making the guest feel embarassed for intruding. But after a brief chat, in which the two recounted their hijinks and escapades from the night before, they reconnected and decided to make strawberry shakes in the Cuisinart.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Angel Baby Fights "Capital One" fraudsters

Most people ignore phishing calls from pretend-banks claiming to need your information, but today Baby fought a caller head-to-head.

Capital One called asking for Baby's social security number. Knowing he didn't have a Capital One card, Baby yelled at the caller and asked where she got his phone number. Avoiding the questions, she said he was at risk, and Baby asked,
"How can you know I'm at risk, but not know my social security number? Tell me what you know, and I'll consider."
The caller demurred.
After hanging up, Baby dialed the number that "Capital One" provided, 800-239-7054, which proved to be a fraud service aiming to spear-phish victims for their contact information.
The operator asked for Baby's name, account number and social security number.
"Why can't you access my account with other information, like the last four digits of my social security?" Baby asked the caller. "Why would I bank with a company that needs all of that data simply to pull up my account?"
The calm tele-fraudster again asked for his social security number, so Baby asked for her phone number. The fraudster ignored the request, and advised that Baby would be in danger if he didn't share more information.
"Where do you get off calling people with these fake scams?" he asked. "Aren't you ashamed of yourself and the job that you have?
Calming down, Baby said he'd provide her any information she wanted in return for the names of her family members. The creepy bitch hung up.
Beware of the Capital One scam, this is the second time they've contacted the Baby housefhold. Call the real number of the bank to report the phishing attempt.
And as Baby demonstrates, you can have fun with the seedy scam artists in the process.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday in the Park with Pique

Baby hammed it up with Pique in Corona Heights Park, beginning with a joyous portrait of boy-with-dog, then quickly dissolving into frivolity. Discerning readers will notice Pique's freshly-shampooed coat which resulted from a Saturday night puppy spa in Baby's tub. Following the park, the duo would eat mozzarella sticks at a bar in the Castro, cheering for the abritrarily chosen Pittsburgh Steelers.