Monday, January 23, 2006

Baby Ranks Stuff

In his first "best" and "worst of" list, Baby offers a snapshot of his ephemeral preferences. He invites your suggestions in the comment box below.
  • Benny's Burritos (Greenwich Village, NYC)
  • Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal
  • The Chi (hair straightener)
  • free samples at Sephora
  • Cher

  • Verizon (home phone and broadband Internet service)
  • Meat Packing District (NYC)
  • Canada (They think they're so great because they can own guns and still not shoot others)
  • Dick Cheney


KP said...

I applaud Baby's approval of Frosted Mini Wheats--a truly superior cereal.

I question, however, his decision to leave "Herman" off his list of "bests"--although, now that I note the heading that the list is intended to rank "Stuff," I suppose it is rather noble to know that Baby does not consider Herman to fall in the category of "Stuff." Joseph, I salute you.

M&M said...

Benny's Burritos rocks!

Joey said...

KP, Herman thanks you for the suggestion that he be included in the "hot" list. To be diametrically opposed to Dick Cheney, oh my! That must make Herman piping, smoking hot. M&M, thanks for keeping it real in Poland.