Friday, July 07, 2006

Sleep-in Baby

Baby had considerable trouble getting out of bed this morning. After hitting the snooze button four times, he raised his weary head and gazed at the clock: 8:20 a.m. With only 40 minutes to get dressed and out the door for work, he gently burrowed his mop of big curly hair under a pillow--destined for a late Friday morning.


beelzebruno said...

No picture ?

beelzebruno said...

While I'm at it, for those of you in Manhatten today (7/12/06) the city is going to be a modern stonehenge. The sun sets down the axis of the non-avenues (E-W streets) today, and every year on this date. Weird eh?

Joey said...

Thanks, Bruno. Strangely, on that very day, a cab below up in front of Baby's apartment. The explosion, resulting from a fire under the hood, shook the windows in Baby's tidy, fashionable studio. Unfortunately, Baby missed the sunset but he did get to see the flames rising from the car.