Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pies in the Morning

To sweeten his morning in the office, Baby has taken to eating the apple cutie-pies that mothers often give to their children. Shaped like empanadas with a hard flakey shell and fruit filling, the pies inspired him to pen this ditty at work:

I eat little pies with my coffee
just the littlest pies with my coffee
flakey crust
glazzzed top
just the littlest pies with my coffee


Anonymous said...

I love pie! But i always pass on the coffee. I also think i need to hear the song to really appreciate it. next happy hour it's on! ;)

Anonymous said...

but what about meat pies?

here is my ode to meat pies-

oh little savory pie
why oh why
your meaty scent
doth my heart rent
hamburg or mutton
cute as a button

no one loves you as i do

KPANTS said...

Note: that last poem was found in the forgotten papers of J.Austen