Saturday, August 30, 2008

Of Mice and Bags

Posing with the public art in the 14th Street subway station, Baby amused himself while waiting for the lazy A train.

"When I descend the staircase into this stuffy subway station, it's a good thing to peer underneath and see a metal mouse eating out-sized pennies," said Baby. "I enjoy the mouse - his name is Rodgey, from Poughkeepsie -despite his cheap metal coat and ill-fitting hat. I also enjoy eating money, and by 'eating' I mean spending exorbitant figures on multiple designer handbags, each of which resembles the next."
(His latest bag, the Louis Vuitton Beaubourg, is adorned with a Henri Bendel charm and pictured at right.)

Meanwhile, Pique ("PICK-wee", pictured below, left) waited patiently at home in an entirely different bag, growing jealous over the thought of his Daddy making friends with other small animals.

As the A train approached the muggy platform, our hero stepped through the doors and watched the mouse grow smaller as the car whisked him back to Hell's Kitchen. "Goodbye, Rodgey. I barely knew thee."

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