Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Surveys Boston

Baby fines a charming town in Boston, including a lush vegetable stand near Quincy Market. Much of Bostons's charms, including the sea side dinner in hot butter sauce, only served as a precursor to Joseph's majestic visit to Newport. The opulent beauty of those homes were perfect for a roaming young dandy like Baby. "Newport, that's what New England really means," he mused over a jamba juice. Passachussetts, that's just the stuff you drive through."
Instantly he changed his resume to say he graduated Summa Laude from Salve Regina.


Sugarfiend said...

when is this from? there's an awful lot of green grass in that photo.

Joey said...

the editors of this blog have been holding this post for some time. an undetermined amount of time.