Sunday, January 05, 2014

Pane in the Czech

During their vacation of 2011, Baby and Herman were delighted by the male statues of Prague - called telamons - which uphold many of the doorways, ledges and windows in the city's Old Town.

Today the Prague telamons are upholding another heavy object - Baby's good taste - on the east wall of his San Francisco apartment.

"I arranged black-and-white photographs of the statues like a window pane," he said, "evoking a sense of pathos and balance."

Always one for surprises, he broke form on the upper right-hand corner of the wall display with an image of demons in hell.

"After all," he asked, "What is an Eastern European city without images of suffering?"

Baby speaks most fondly, however, of the violent scene taking place in the upper left-hand corner, which he thoughtfully calls "the beat-down."

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