Friday, October 07, 2005

Baby Joins Biblical Group

Earlier this morning Baby decided to accept Jesus and join an Australia-based online Biblical society. They send him regular Bible updates and, one imagines, suggestions for holy living.

"They send me little holy tid-bits in an ultra tacky format," he enthused. While many agree there is no better candidate in need of such influence, some question why he joined an off-shore group.

"He's outsourcing his religion," a friend said.
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Amy G. said...

How can I become more like Joseph?

Amy G. said...

Let's see: I already frequent the puppy shop, I'm buying cowboy boots tomorrow and I'm putting together my Halloween costume as we speak... am I missing anything? I need Joseph to set my agenda!

Joey said...

Amy, Joseph recommends a strict diet of salmon, gin, Pilates and Cher. Good luck.