Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pumps for Halloween

Baby is practicing his strut in a pair of new, pink, impossibly high heels that he bought for Halloween today (nevermind the fetish shops he had to visit to find such shoes in a men's size).

He decided to be Kate Moss in honor of her cocaine scandal, and will even sport baby powder on his nostrils for full effect. More than anything, he assures us, he wants the costume to be a tasteful tribute to the fallen model.

Getting used to the shoes, he adds, has not been easy. "These are some mama jamas," he said.


Amy H. said...

Baby has better looking ankles than most women. Damn him!

Clare said...

Those pumps are an accident waiting to happen! More power to you! You go girl!

Mara said...

I love Baby, but I especially love Baby in hot pink stilettos!

Stephanie said...

I must see some pics! Hook it up!