Sunday, December 30, 2007

Baby's $900 Haircut

Baby got a free haircut from celebrity stylist Sally Hershberger. Worth $900, the haircut has made Baby a star in the Hell's Kitty ecosystem. "I was so excited to get a free haircut from Sally, I took a tampon from the restroom as a keepsake!" he said. He now flips his hair and turns to the side, instantly, when he senses a camera in his presence.


Sarah said...

1. Joseph's hair looks really really good.

2. How did he get this free haircut?

3. What makes a haircut $900.00?

In the south here, haircuts are what happens when you get your hair caught in the thrusher.

Joey said...

Joseph joined a modeling agency in 2004, and his photo was kept on file by Sally's team. Joseph was her hair model. $900? I'm not sure, but it's growing in very nicely and she cut his hair in harmony with his cowlicks. Thanks for the insight about the South - don't they have Supercuts down there?