Thursday, January 10, 2008

Baby Casts Vote on "Supermodel"

The first episode of Bravo's Make me a Supermodel is over and Baby's verdicts are in:

Dominic's surfer chic won't carry him far in the modeling world. Of all people he should be more relaxed but he's so stiff and boring. When he complained about the weight of his necklace during the first shoot, Baby had no sympathy. "Suck it up, this is modeling," he said, referring to his own experience in the profession (see Sally Hirschberger post below).

"Sarah should scoot off the show on her own long torso," he said.

Beyond the models, Baby wonders if any viewers are finding Tyson Beckford's teasing, tough-guy approach to be boring, expected and distracting from the beauty of the show. For inspiration, Baby has included a shot of how a model should look, right.

In close, Baby is left wondering what really happened to Perry's foot. A drunken fall?

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