Saturday, February 09, 2008

Baby Warns of Siouxsie

"Her show was great, don't get me wrong." he said. "She kicked her legs higher than a kickboxer class at my gym. But sadly, she refused to meet me. I want to tell her how much her songs mean to me, and she's too afraid of meeting her 2-8 fans waiting in line. She should be so lucky to have anyone waiting in line. She better play "Heaven And Alchmemy" the next night, or she's off my wedding list. Siouxsie has one last chance to prove she has class. Siouxsie really needs to take a stronger look at her base and realize we appreciate her art and we're not here to hurt her. I don't know why she's so frightened of her own fans." Tomorrow, Baby plan to meet Siouxsie head-on as she enters the venue to begin practice. More soon.


Sarah said...

4 things-

1- You guys are going to the concert 2 nights in a row? Or are you just going to wait outside before she gets there tonight?

2- Siouxsie should be happy to have ANY fans. And she should treat them well. Glad the concert was at least good... Also, I'm glad to see her kicking skills are up to snuff.

3- Joe, what are you doing for your birthday? I propose that you have a huge bash the weekend before your birthday... And that I (and maybe Ben, depending on his schedule) come up to New York to celebrate... ITS A BIG ONE.

4- Whats all this wedding talk? Is there something that us loyal readers should know?

Joey said...

1. Yes, two nights in a row.
2. Kicking skills are surprisingly athletic. The legs went higher the second night.
3. Please, a NYC party is long overdue. Tax day is the perfect occasion. Invitations are extended.
4. Yes, loyal readers do need to know something. Baby has picked the flower - Lily of the Valley. More soon.

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