Thursday, April 03, 2008

Baby's Tall Tale

The tall, provincial night table reaches Herman's elbow. A true find at Pottery Barn, Baby knew that the "Charlotte Bedside Table" was the perfect companion for his boyfriend's reading and writing activities.
In bed, Herman will write in his journal and and read the letters of Jane Austen. "He has grown up to a big-boy table, now that he's 30," he said. "Notice the fresh roses on the blue doily."
Never estimate the well-chosen placement of a doily. It can make the scene - or destroy it forever.

"The fresh roeses were placed on the surface to provide inspiration for his night-time reflections," he said, pulling the wodden drawer to display ample storage space. It's the perfect arrangement for Herms to contemplate Babies playing with new Yorkshire Terriers."

1 comment:

Sarah said...

You're getting a cocker spaniel? Ben calls those "princess dogs". They're so pretty!

Nice table. You know its love when someone buys roses for your night stand.