Monday, April 14, 2008

A Little Gentleman Arives

Baby introduced his most precious "find" to date - his new Yorkshire Terrier, Pique (pronouonced PICK-wee). Pique has been a mildly curious furball since joing our apartment in Hell's Kitchen. He prefers to build forts with old gym clothes in the corner, then emerges to see what his new daddies are up to.
His latest game has been to steal puzzles pieces in his mouth and squirrel them away in his clothes-heap bed. When petting the little man, puzzle pieces can be seen resting below his belly for purposes unknown to his owners. Perhaps he plans to do his own puzzle?

The fellow also received his first bath (see pic). Being mellow and somewhat detached from the happenings in his new home, he went through the motions politely, with little to say. He is now a clean teen, in a state that shouldnt last long given his proclivity for dirty laundry.
Another strange habit of the new fellow is to chew on electrical chords.
While he's been given plenty of chew toys to abate his teething process, he much prefers the feeling of an electric curent running through his chewing object. His daddies find it to be some cause for concern but get easily distracted by the young man's adorable, patient eyes.


Sarah said...

What a cute little guy. And he's patient with his bath too. Awwwwww. I love him. Who named him?


Joey said...

Baby is solely responsible for the naming of Pique. His full name is Picque Butt Loweenzalla Ardakani Stuart...but some just call him PQ.

Anonymous said...

And I shall also call him Willoughby.
Perhaps on Tuesdays.

I think I shall dote on this dog. Yes, indeed I think I shall. He looks like he has many interesting things to do and say. And I quite admire the way he wears his hair.

Joey said...

His hair is quite clean thanks to his love of water. Last night he dove head first into the bathtub while Joseph was bathing and swam the doggie-paddle to and fro.

Erin said...

You've betrayed your feline roots. I'm telling Oreo (which will be difficult, given his retirement to the mobile home park in the sky).