Saturday, May 19, 2012

From Dull to Delicious

"With a steady hand and small dabs of rubber cement, you can transform that drab office into a stimulating idea lab."

Thus advised Baby after hanging his "wallpaper" - a daring pattern of red birds on pink cherry blossoms, set against a pale blue background. Such a bold look is not accomplished without contingency plans.

"Instead of real wallpaper, I use high quality gift wrap," revealed Baby. "Easy to affix, fast to remove."

Nearby, a new terrarium features his favorite plant mix - succulents - in a bed of layered white sand and charcoal. From time to time, Herman will place small statues of religious icons in the bowl -- meant to inspire greater religious devotion in the household. The saints are inevitably removed with the speed and discretion of a true Italian professional.

Perched atop the breakfast bar, an Irish crystal decanter allows the morning light to shine and refract through its rounded column. Slices of lemon, watermelon and peach infuse the waters each day.

"After adding the refreshing fruit, I like to remove the lid for five minutes," said Baby. "It allows the fruit gas to escape without fogging the beautiful glass."

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