Monday, May 28, 2012

He Plants

Baby spent Memorial Day carefully choosing new plants for the home. "Never underestimate the power of a few well-selected plants," he said, examining a succulent at the Hortica nursery on Castro. "Avoid too many plants, however. Show some restraint."

After some deliberation, agave was named the winner. Joseph took three plants of various sizes.

One agave was planted in a glossy green pot, which now decorates the cable box next to the TV. Small pebbles were arranged on the surface.

Another stands outside the front door in a terra cotta pot.

The last, a small baby agave, was arranged inside a circular terrarium with sand and charcoal.

Since San Francisco doesn't receive much sun, and his apartment is like a dark cave, Baby will rotate the cactus-like plants in the sun patches which appear at 8am and 4pm through the front and back windows. "It takes some commitment, but the agave will reward you with its delightfully proud spikes."  

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