Saturday, June 09, 2012

En Grande Tenue

A French dictionary was needed to translate "En Grande Tenue."

The phrase, meaning "fine evening clothes," is silk-screened on Baby's latest show-stopper: an Hermes scarf, framed and mounted over the bed.

"Arresting, yet soothing," he said. "The vast expanse of this bedroom demands a large, bold piece. With this object, I wanted to combine the effects of a fine painting and sumptuous tapestry." 

Blues and purples mix with the grey theme of the room, punctuated by bursts of color that please the eye without distracting. 

Baby mounts the frame, en pajama
"Herman used to doubt that fashion could be high art," said Baby. "This piece is a reminder, every night when we go to bed, that he is usually wrong." 

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