Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Faux Memories

Joseph has long treasured his childhood memory of watching a NASA shuttle take off in Florida in the 1980's. But according to his Dad today, that memory is a falsehood--Joseph only saw the blast-off on television while sitting at home. Despite his father's protestations, Joseph refuses to believe that he manufactured the memory. On top of it, he insists that he also saw a murderous baby shark at the beach later that same day. "Even baby sharks can be killers," he advised solemnly.


Anonymous said...

I can entirely sympathize with Joseph's memories of seeing a space shuttle. I, for instance, have outstanding memories of my trip to the Holy Land. As I stood looked out at the ruins of Jersusalem, I felt as if I could almost see Jesus, standing there. When a friend and I tried to reminisce about this moment, however, Rick Morgan--a staunch realist-- rudely informed us that the "Holy Land" we so fondly pointed to in our photos was actually ROME.

Oh cruel monkey! Why must you slash at beauty in your cold and heartless pursuit of Truth?

Eric said...

OMG... This the funniest thing I have heard in like foreva... and the anonymous comment is even funnier