Monday, July 04, 2005

Park Avenue Baby

Baby taking a moment on Park and 83rd after petting puppies and buying chocolate-covered gummy bears.

After strolling through the shaded streets Baby remarked that the "Upper East Side" designation should only refer to those rich neighborhoods spanning Park and 5th Avenues along Central Park. Everything East of Lexington, Joseph suggested, should no longer be called the UES. How dare this region try to rob the UES of its cache?

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Amy G. said...

I live on the UES on 85th between Lex and 3rd... the exact area Joseph wants removed from the UES map. I have to say that I agree... people think I have money because I live there and to be honest, I have crumbling walls and no hot water. As my boyfriend's well-to-do father puts it, "Yes, it's definitely not as nice once you pass Park Avenue."