Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cadbury Baby

Baby bought his first Cadbury Eggs of the season last weekend, signaling his transition into Easter preparation mode. Licking his sticky fingers after four successive chocolate eggs, Baby smiled encouragingly at his guests.

"Have one," he said, his voice thick and milky. "It's got nougat."


Clare said...

Why am I always the last to know about your recent purchases? I thought as your neighbor and friend I'd have first pick of the goodies.

Enriqa said...

hey... I think the best part of the pic is my chin :-P Had fun tho :)

KP said...

I prefer to wash my my cadbury eggs with WHHHole Milk.

Also, as a rule, I generally try to eschew nougat. In its place, I prefer WHHHipped marshmallow.

uzama said...

awesome awesome post