Monday, March 06, 2006

Excuse Me, There's a Queue

Baby lost his cool last weekend during a routine trip to the neighborhood alcohol store. Holding his 40 ounce bottle of Ketel One vodka in his leather-gloved fingers, he prepared to place the purchase and form of payment on the check-out counter when another shopper cut in line, asking the clerk for a box of Blush wine.

Offended by the rude gesture--and the cheap wine--Baby told the fellow to move back in line. When the man apologized, Baby lectured the bewildered brute about the proper actions for a penitent cutter. When the man still didn't take his place in line, Baby held his tongue and focused on his vodka bottle.

Calming his inner tiger, our hero was poised and collected throughout the remaining purchase experience until he left the shop and arrived at the street corner, where he spotted the offender waiting for the crossing light to change.

"Oh! You just had to rush out of the store, didn't you?" he demanded. "You couldn't wait in line like the rest of us! Well look how far it got you now, jerk!"

And with that, all of the self control Baby had mustered was released into the cold, bitter New York night.


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Good for you, Baby. I applaud your temporary self-control--so as to spare others in the store the appalling experience you had to endure. I have taken tremendous vicarious pleasure in the curbside confrontation, however. That man is a jackass. I hope he cowered in shame and walked home slumped over. What an asshole. Thank you, Baby. You are a superhero--protecting unwritten-rule abiding people everywhere. *Arwin