Thursday, March 30, 2006

Baby Talks to Women's Wear Daily

Baby fired off an email to his favorite trade publication today, Women's Wear Daily, after reading an article about a bogus beauty products company. How can they print articles about such drivel?
In what will likely be a one-sided conversation, Baby continued.
"In addition to the fact that you are writing articles about bogus beauty products, I want to start an empire like Liz Claiborne," he said. "But can people do it now? In these modern times, no one can create a business and make it big because all the big ones are there to gobble you up. And if you don't sell, they run you out of business!"
Moving squarely beyond his original reason for contacting the publication, Baby continued to discuss his plans for empire.
"I need to start an empire or else I will never be happy," he lamented.

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