Monday, March 27, 2006

Project Runway

Baby tried out for the Bravo series "Project Runway" this weekend. In just one day, he created a classic pink dress with a 1950's cut, designed to fit his gal pal Clare. He also re-vamped his fashion portfolio to reflect his changing tastes since first compiling it in design school.

The judges loved his style, particularly his crisp army coat with fox stole. Unfortunately, his "look" didn't fit the parameters of next season's show. Still, Baby says the energy of designing and meeting deadlines reminded him of his student days in Los Angeles. "It's so easy to forget what's important to us," Baby said after the audition. "Even when you've got a day job, you shouldn't let your true talent and creative drive go wasted."

1 comment:

La Blusa said...

Though I do not agree with the fox wear- I do wish I could look as fabulous as you do... but i look good.