Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Baby Endorses New Products

Baby's buzz marketing scheme continues...
This week Baby received a box of sample-size Nutella pouches that he is supposed to hand out to friends and family with one dollar coupons to buy the product. In exchange, the recipient listens to him talk about how Nutella was invented after WWII by an Italian chef. Running low on chocolate, the chef added hazelnuts to his cocoa, stirred it up and voila! Nutella.
"Beyond the fascinating history," Baby advised, "is the low calorie content of this delicious product. Spreading Nutella on a bagel instead of cream cheese will be sure to save fat intake and leave you smiling."
In return for his buzz marketing efforts, Baby received a jar of the spread for personal use. His fingers are still crossed to receive marketing products for Botox, so he can throw a lavish party with alcohol and injectable beauty treatments.

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