Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Despite his slim figure, Joseph loves his candy. Today he had a mishap. "There are new pink grapefruit mentos," he said. "I ate a pack and feel totaly ill. Plus I washed it down with a Three Musketeers and Cherry soda. Total yack town." Avoid this candy combination, people.


Clare said...

This advice comes a little too late for some of us...thanks for nothing!

Charlotte said...

In recognition of Joseph Stuart's noble and self-sacrificing support of the beleaguered sugar cane industry, native sugar cane farmers of Mozambique gathered together today in a show of gratitude. Gala festivities were planned, and would have been carried out; however, as one participant noted, "we were a little too tired, from slaving on the plantations of our cruel European slave-drivers, to put on the celebration we had planned. But we just want Joseph to know how much we appreciate his unwavering support, and we are sure that if he were here, he would make all of us fashionable kaftans."