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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pride Day, NYC

(r-l) Joseph, Charlotte, Clare and Sean Posted by Hello


At 2:07 PM, Anonymous Clare said...

Check out those biceps!! Woo-hew!

At 3:38 PM, Anonymous Amy G. said...

Unrelated comment:

Target workers have become elitists... I suggest Joseph goes in there and puts them in their place.

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Joey said...

Joseph will be happy to. He wants to start a housewares line at Target, so he visits the Brooklyn location regularly. Anything specific he should mention, or should he just insult them personally?

At 9:24 PM, Anonymous Charlotte said...

Whoa, look at me. There's something horribly wrong with my eyes. Like I'm a burn victim or something.


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